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House 141 is a living sanctuary where creativity and nature coexist. This beautiful house is not only the studio of artist Wang Xin but also a thriving indoor garden filled with a variety of plants, cultivating an atmosphere of calm and inspiration. The Residency, the heart of House 141, is a fully-equipped studio, furnished with an array of workspace tools from computers and electric pianos to advanced technological devices such as 3D printers and virtual reality equipment. This seamless integration of technology and artistry caters to every creator's needs. Fabric and textile artists will find sewing machines, embroidery machines, and lockstitch machines at their disposal, while hands-on creators have access to chainsaws, laser engravers, and a comprehensive suite of woodshop tools. Beyond the creative tools, House 141 ensures your stay is comfortable and convenient, providing kitchen and laundry facilities for your use. But the house's commitment to your growth and well-being stretches beyond the confines of the studio: you'll have opportunities to participate in artist-led meditations, allowing you to connect with your inner self and the tranquil nature that surrounds the Residency. In essence, House 141 is not just a place to create—it's a living, breathing space where art, nature, and the human spirit intertwine. It's a place to live, to experience, and to grow.

House 141 stands out as a unique residency program, playing a pivotal role in fostering the growth and evolution of artists. Rather than dictating specific outcomes, the program underscores the importance of developing fresh ideas and generating intellectually stimulating artworks.Nestled in a serene, sparsely populated setting, House 141 crafts an environment ripe for deep introspection and contemplation. The residency program empowers artists to embark on a profound internal dialogue, fostering an expansion of their creative horizons.This transformative experience, rich with insights and clarity, does more than simply refresh the artist's perspective. It acts as a catalyst, realigning their artistic trajectories and steering them towards unexplored paths in their creative journeys. Thus, House 141 serves not just as a residency, but as a launchpad for new artistic directions.

House 141 presents artists with an extensive array of resources to bolster their creativity. Our mini woodshop, rich with a diverse selection of tools, suits all woodworking abilities. A book-laden wall of shelves spans a wide array of genres, poised to inspire, inform, or provide leisurely entertainment. For those musically inclined, we provide a variety of instruments including an electronic piano, a violin, a MIDI keyboard, a guitar, a ukulele, and for those interested in sound healing or unique musical expressions, we have crystal singing bowls. Additionally, our state-of-the-art tech amenities include a high-end computer outfitted with design software, a 3D printer, and virtual reality equipment, inviting artists to delve into new dimensions of creativity. House 141 remains committed to nurturing your artistic journey within a diverse, resource-rich, and inspiring environment.

House 141 offers artists two distinctive bedrooms: a private one on the second floor and a combined studio-bedroom on the first. The property includes a fully-equipped kitchen, two bathrooms, shared living spaces, and a spacious terrace. The outdoor garden and yard provide serene spaces for inspiration and relaxation. With high-speed Wi-Fi and laundry facilities, House 141 ensures a comfortable, creative, and hassle-free stay for all artists.

House 141 enjoys a strategic location just a 18-minute walk from the subway, providing easy access to various parts of the city. Situated near the highway, it offers efficient routes to major transportation hubs and areas of interest. The Hongqiao train station and airport are a mere 35-minute drive away, making arrivals and departures hassle-free. Furthermore, the vibrant downtown center of Shanghai, with its bustling activities and attractions, is just an hour's commute away. At House 141, you are well-positioned for both local exploration and broader travel.

Situated in the tranquil heart of Zhu Jiajiao, the "Venice of Shanghai," House 141 serves as a vibrant nexus for both international and local artists. We are dedicated to cultivating an inclusive and diverse art community that seamlessly marries the serene charm of ancient Chinese culture with the pulsating energy of modern Shanghai. We provide not only a unique creative environment but also rich opportunities to engage with the bustling art exhibitions in Shanghai's dynamic center. Our mission extends beyond mere location: it's about fueling creativity, fostering mutual growth, and contributing meaningfully to the global art conversation.

Our residency is located in Zhu Jiajiao, an enchanting ancient water town nestled within Shanghai. Known as the "Venice of Shanghai", Zhu Jiajiao offers an exquisite tapestry of old bridges, flowing rivers, and traditional houses. It's a place where the bustling modernity of Shanghai meets the tranquility and charm of ancient Chinese culture. The fusion of historic charm and modern vibrancy makes our residency program a unique opportunity for foreign artists seeking an enriching and inspiring experience. As more and more local artists join us, our art community has become increasingly diverse and vibrant. Zhu Jiajiao not only offers a unique creative environment but also provides artists the opportunity to engage and collaborate with peers, further enriching the local artistic ecosystem. In addition, artists also benefit from its proximity to the lively art exhibitions that the heart of Shanghai offers.

Embrace the Local Culture: Immerse yourself in the local environment and culture. The more you engage with the local community, the richer your experience and inspiration will be. Network and Collaborate: Take advantage of the opportunities to interact with other local and international artists. Exchanging ideas and collaborating can lead to fresh perspectives and new ideas. Explore and Experiment: Use this unique environment to push your creative boundaries. Experiment with different styles, mediums, or themes that you may not usually work with. Plan and Reflect: Set clear goals for what you want to achieve during your residency. Take time to reflect on your experiences and how they influence your work. Participate in Local Art Scene: Attend exhibitions, workshops, and events in Shanghai's vibrant art scene. It's a fantastic way to draw inspiration and stay updated with contemporary art trends.


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